*Half-Wave Rectification
*Full-Wave Rectification
AM Detector
FM Detector
Voltage Doubler
Zener Diode Applications
Zener Regulator
Voltage Tripler
*Diode Clamper
*Diode Clipper
*Diode Limiter
Varactor Tuner
Tunnel Diode Oscillator
Voltage Quad

BJT Based

*Push Pull Amplifier

OP-AMP Based

*Halfwave Rectifier
*Logarithmic Amplifier
Schmitt Trigger
*Inverting Amplifier
*Non-Inverting Amplifier
*Voltage Follower
Differential Amplifier
Summing amplifier

555 Timer Based

*Astable Multi-Vibrator
Monostable Multi-Vibrator

RLC-Network Based


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